April 30, 2006

Sunday Evening Static

Remember that scene in "High Fidelity" when Jack Black's character spots John Cusack's choice of wardrobe and in a quintessentially bizarre Jack Black voice refers to the horrendous shirt as a "Cosby sweater"? Well, with that in mind, I have a new term to add to the lexicon: The Kobe Sweater. Did anyone else happen to catch the footage of Kobe at Sunday's postgame press conference? He was sporting a beige, sleeveless V-neck sweater over a button down. He made a comment during the press conference about how he and some of his teammates aged 10 to 15 years during Sunday's thriling OT win over Phoenix...well, wearing that sweater made him age about 25 to 30 years. Horrendous. Without a doubt one of the dorkiest sweaters I've ever seen on a pro athlete, or on a human for that matter.

Am I being a bit harsh on Kobe at this precise moment? Okay, probably so. But I'm guessing his ego is soaring pretty high after his last second jumper in Game 4, so I think making fun of his clothing is justified if not completely necessary to take him down a notch.

As a side note, I once peed in the same bathroom as Jack Black. He was using the urinal, I chose the stall. Didn't want to pull up next to him at the urinal and get caught with stagefright. If I had it to do over, I'd walk up to the urinal next to him and engage him in conversation to see if I could psyche him out and force him to cut off his stream prematurely.
Now that I've clearly gone one step too far on that topic, we switch gears:

-Take a look at this section of the play-by-play from Friday night's Giants-D'Backs game:

K. Frandsen singled to center
R. Winn singled to right, K. Frandsen to third
R. Winn stole second

Aside from the strangely irritating last name of the Giants' second baseman (Frandsen), something stands out about this. First and third, Barry Bonds at the plate, and Randy Winn steals second. I'm not sure what I think of that move -- you're basically taking the bat out of Bonds' hands, but you're also most likely loading up the bases when he's intentionally walked. What would you rather have -- Bonds up with first and third, or Moises Alou up with the bases full? In this particular case, the D'Backs pitched to Bonds for some reason and he got a hit and an RBI, but in most cases stealing second guarantees he gets intentionally walked. I guess you have to be aggressive and take whatever bases you can because that's the right way to play the game, but when Bonds is in peak form he's such a game-altering force that you have to reconsider the way the game is played. And I think there's something to be said for staying on first base to maximize the chances the opposing team gives him something to hit.

-In closing, I present you with my thoughts on the Minnesota Timberwolves at slamonline.com.


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