March 16, 2006

Good Evening, Jerome

Okay, so I'm a few days late on reporting this, but did anyone catch the Knicks-Nuggets game the other night? One of the great performances of this NBA season from Jerome James. The lumbering (and by lumbering, I mean "fat, overpaid and out of shape") Knicks' big man got a start in place of injured Eddy Curry and went completely berserk with 11 points in the first quarter, then promptly signaled to the bench to be taken out of the game because he was so tired. Larry Brown declined and made him stay in the game. Crowd was going absolutely wild. Possibly -- no, definitely -- the high point of the Knicks' season thus far.

-So is there some kind of sporting event going on today? I know everyone's picks are already in, but here is my Final Four: Texas, Kansas, UConn, Ohio State. I tell you this not as a means of showing how enlightened or wise I am as an NCAA tourney prognosticator; I actually am informing you of my picks so that you know right off the bat that at maximum one of those four teams will reach the Final Four. Me picking them was the absolute kiss of death. I am terrible. You'd think with things being so random every year I'd hit the jackpot one year, but no. Sorry to ruin the suspense.

-I'm pretty sure I've eaten at this Waffle House, though to my recollection I was never robbed there at gunpoint.

-On a recent subway ride, heard a PA announcement in which the dude said that a "C as in Chelby" train was approaching the station. For those of you not versed in NY subway lingo, they often announce that a "B as in Bravo" train is coming into the station, or what have you, which I understand obviously. But Chelby? What kind of name is that? Does anyone know a person named Chelby? What is a Chelby? I want answers. (For the record, "You need to find something more interesting to write about" would indeed be an appropriate response here.)


Anonymous John said...

Well, you were right about your final 4 picks. Meaning, you were right in that you got them all wrong. It was a tough bracket this year though.

But seriously, Ohio State?

2:54 PM, March 27, 2006  
Blogger The OCC said...

John, you're right to point out my futility/idiocy. I didn't have a great feeling about Ohio State making the final four but I didn't have any better ideas. Next year I am going to purchase a pet spider monkey and let him fill out my bracket based on where he throws his feces.

1:07 PM, March 30, 2006  

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