March 30, 2006

One-Eyed Victor

Not long ago on this site we briefly discussed the man who nearly became a cyclops -- Villanova guard Allan Ray, who famously and gruesomely almost had his eye poked out during this year's Big East Tournament.

Now, more news from the cyclops world (and yes, for the record, I do consider anyone who only has one eye to be a cyclops; doesn't matter whether the eye is centered in the middle of the forehead or not): We have a Victor Page sighting. Remember this guy? High-flying lefty who played with Iverson at Georgetown in the mid-90's? Well, the years have been somewhat ruthless to Victor. Most notably, he took a bullet in the right eye in 2003 that has left him wearing an eye patch to this day.

There are about 57 cyclops jokes I can make here, but I'm going to hold off, because quite honestly, this is just a sad, and pretty compelling, story. This guy used to be someone in the basketball world -- I distinctly recall seeing him at ATL's Lenox Mall back in '96, and it was a big deal. I saw Victor Page today. Now he's a 31-year-old who wears an eye patch, unrealistically dreams of playing in the NBA and more immediately has aspirations of being fitted with a glass eye. I can't speculate on what Page might have done to get shot or what he may have done wrong over the years, but reading this story on him I legitimately feel for the man. And I for one haven't forgotten that though he is now a one-eyed has been, there was a moment -- however brief -- when Victor Page, basketball phenomenon, was something to behold.
-This just in: Leo Mazzone is officially entering his rebellious phase. First he scorns the team that made him famous, now he gets a tat. No need to panic yet, but if Leo walks out from the dugout opening day wearing a biker's jacket over his Orioles jersey, there will be clear cause for concern.


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