October 15, 2007

Pumping Iron

We live on strange planet in a strange universe. Which is to say that unusual and impossible to explain occurrences happen more often than we think.

Dogs save lives, humans develop extra-sensory perception and small college basketball programs occasionally make a run to the Elite Eight.

Yet somehow, the visual of a monkey lifting weights is still downright incredible.

Many thanks to friend of the blog Andy, who photographed this Herculean beast showing off his otherwordly strength. And many thanks to the divine creator of otherworldy feats of strength from the animal world -- in this case, tourism, which forced some schlub in Thailand to parade this monkey around with a barbell over his head in the hopes of earning a quick buck.

In related news, we have just received word from a reliable source that the monkey tested positive for 17 different anabolic steroids just minutes after this picture was taken. He's now facing a lifetime ban from wandering around tourism areas with weights held aloft over his head.

It is a sad day indeed.


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