September 19, 2007

Pleased to Meet You, Mr. Leftwich

In the wake of the Falcons' momentous signing of free agent QB Byron Leftwich Tuesday, we figured it was high time to dig into the archives and meet the man who will very soon (please, God) bring about the end of the Joey Harrington era in ATL.

The video above is from Leftwich's days at Marshall, and you only need to watch for about 40 seconds until you get to the best part: Leftwich sporting a tie-dyed football practice jersey, which he claims was "in style about 8 or 9 years ago in D.C."

You officially have permission to stop watching the video after that.

And, for the record, we're currently investigating the veracity of Leftwich's claim that tie-dye was in style in the late 90's in Washington, D.C.

Say what you will about Leftwich's immobility in the pocket and general confusion regarding modern fashion trends, but the man has a rocket-propelled grenade launcher for an arm, is an absolute warrior (will never forget the image of him being carried down the field while driving his team down the field on one leg), and most importantly, is not Joey Harrington.

Welcome to Atlanta, Byron.

Let's get those tie-dyed Leftwich t-shirt jerseys printed pronto.


Blogger J. Bakley said...

So is it innappropriate for me to comment that the name "Byron Leftwich" is one I would much more readily associate with a Rabbi or a deli owner than a guy black guy who uhh doesn't exactly speak the Queen's English.

I'd like to hear a call like this:
"Leftwich with a long BOMB to Cohen. What a throw! and what a tremendous block by Silverstein! This Atlanta team can really play."

11:00 AM, September 20, 2007  

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