September 11, 2007

This Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid is Delicious, But it is Filling

As you may have heard by now, test results have revealed that Tampa Bay receiver David Boston had GHB (a.k.a. the "date-rape drug") in his system when he was arrested last month.

Having never indulged in this mind-erasing substance before (as far as we can remember), we have to ask: What exactly are the benefits of voluntarily taking a drug that virtually every sane human being on the planet wants to avoid having dropped into his/her drink at all costs?

Can anyone explain this? (And no, "Sebastian Janikowski did it so it must be a good idea" is not an acceptable answer.)

In case you're wondering, David Boston was unavailable for comment regarding this matter. Apparently he was on his way to the sedative store to replenish his supply of ether-soaked rags.


Blogger Justice Moustache said...

I can't speak to GHB, but if I had ever taken Ruffinol in high school I would probably say it basically acts like Xanax... which I hear makes you very relaxed... especially after you consume a few adult beverages.

I completely forgot about David Boston. Such an intense brief fantasy buzz around him five years ago; such trash now.

3:17 PM, September 13, 2007  

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