September 10, 2007

Why Security Guards Usually Take Unruly Fans Into a Secret Room to Beat Them Up

Is there a soccer fan in the building?

Not sure when or where this happened, or exactly what happened (the narrative of this video's in German, and our German is essentially limited to being able to say "thank you" and "grilled pork steak").

But as far as we can tell, here's what went down:

Fan runs onto soccer field.

Three security guards gather around him and start bludgeoning him right there on the field.

From out of nowhere, another fan comes streaking into the picture and pulls out the unorthodox "flying knee" technique in an attempt to thwart the assailants. The maneuver ends up partially connecting but ultimately leaves him on the ground (after which point he most likely received a savage beating).

From here, things generally deteriorate until the scene on the field pretty much resembles a University of Miami football game.

I think we're gonna need a German translator to sort this out.


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