August 05, 2007

Let Mr. Berry Handle This

Thanks to all of you who attended the candle light vigil we held for Julio Franco last Wednesday. For those who missed the event, it was a very nice ceremony. Several people poured out liquor and a couple nostalgic types fired off six shooters into the night sky (fortunately no one was injured when the bullets came crashing back down towards us at full speed).

Just so there's no confusion, Julio Franco is not dead -- he was designated for assignment by the Braves last week (in baseball, this is kind of like dying, but slightly less severe).

For those who feared we may never see Julio in a Major League uniform again, fear not -- it appears as though he's headed to the minor leagues and should be back with the Braves next month. Reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"Julio Franco's agent, Chuck Berry, said Friday that Franco plans to accept his minor league assignment with the Braves. He's expected to clear waivers Monday.
Yes, you read that correctly -- Julio Franco's agent is indeed legendary rocker Chuck Berry. Never mind that the dude was born in 1926 -- Julio Franco was actually the doctor who delivered Chuck Berry from the womb.

Interesting note: Despite the fact that they've known each other for over 80 years, Berry has only been Franco's agent for a couple of months. He took over when Julio had a falling out with his previous agent, Mark Twain.


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