August 01, 2007

Riddle Me This

In a strange sequence of Internet browsing-related events (the machinations of which need not be illuminated here), we recently found ourselves clicking on a question from the Yahoo! Answers page.

The question that caught our eye, asked by user rob5279 was, “Where did Shaq play college basketball?

And at this precise moment, it dawned on us just what a valuable tool Yahoo! Answers can be.

Imagine a forum whereby the 5,279th yahoo named Rob can type in the most obvious question of all time and then – after showing a little bit of patience – he can come back to see what brilliant answers people wrote back. The wonders of the Internet!

For the record, the answer he got, from go_duke_5 (sadly, go underscore duke underscore 1 through 4 were all taken), was “LSU. He was the #1 pick in the 1992 draft. He was very dominant. Best Answer Plz.”

Apparently the “Best Answer Plz” here is a request to make this the #1 answer (apparently the format for this thing is that a whole bunch of people respond and then someone chooses the top response). We’re not sure we like go_duke_5’s somewhat cocky tone – Shaq went to LSU. He was awesome. And so am I. Next question, bitch – but we can’t front on his stats. (Yes, they keep stats on this thing.) Consider this: Of the 114 total questions that go_duke_5 has asked, a whopping 7% of them were chosen as best answers. Incredible!

Actually, that might not be very good. Because looking at rob5279’s stats, he’s at a far more impressive 14% best answers on 537 answers.

Which begs the question: If he’s so damn smart, why the hell was he asking such a colossally stupid question in the first place?

Based on this incredible discovery, we’ve been inspired to start a new service on this site. It’s called OCC! Tips. Here’s Tip #1:

Use google.

Any questions?


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