August 31, 2007

Summer Survival Tip #14: Be Sure to Drink Plenty of Fluids

I remember seeing the Boston Marathon in person a few years ago on a historically hot day, and near the finish line, a number of competitors were essentially wandering around like zombies. This was of course due to the effects of the heat and dehydration -- I believe the technical term for it in running circles is "Completely losing your shit."

Some of these people were going the wrong direction, having 90 degrees to their right and heading directly towards the spectators along the sidelines. Others were literally crawling on the ground, and the worst of the bunch looked like they had been plucked straight out of the Thriller video: Arms half-bent and partially extended outwards, staggering down the concrete like the undead (or perhaps in this case, the soon-to-be dead).

I guess when you think about the fact that these people were probably in dire need of medical attention of some kind, the whole thing isn't all that funny.

And it probably goes without saying that I was laughing uncontrollably.

It appears as though a similar sort of delirium has set in with the ostriches shown at the race track in the video above. And while I could do without the crazed laughter and running commentary of the people standing behind the video camera watching the spectacle, there's something about watching an ostrich spin around in circles over and over again that just never really gets old.


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