September 27, 2007

No Chopping Zone

You know it's been a strange week in baseball when Mets fans are breaking out the Tomahawk Chop at Shea -- and the Braves aren't even in the building.

This is how desperate things have become for Mets Nation: They're now turning to their most hated rivals in hopes of getting support against the relentless Phillies. So when the Braves beat Philly on Tuesday night, the aforementioned chop swept through the stands.

Doing the Chop as anything other than a complete 100 percent mockery of the Braves has to be confusing for Mets fans, and frankly, the whole thing is rather confusing to us Braves fans as well.

Are we supposed to see this as a heartwarming reminder that there can still exist a strange camaraderie between even the most fiercely-opposed of fan groups under certain circumstances?

Are we supposed to take it as a condescending elbow to the testes, or a harsh slap to the face that the team that once ruled the NL East is now nothing more than a spoiler for the fans of New York to cheer on, the kind of slight and reality check that makes the more militant among us want to buy cheap seats at Shea tonight and see how many crazed Mets fans we can incite into a riotous state?

Or are we supposed to go to the nearest grocery mart, purchase a ginormous jar of applesauce and drink it through a straw while we watch the VHS tape recapping the Braves' magical 1991 season?

Not sure about the rest of you, but from this vantage point, the choice seems obvious.


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