October 31, 2005

You did WHAT?

Strange news out of Boston Monday -- 31-year-old GM Theo Epstein, the man who popularized prepubescent executivery (is that a word? Didn't think so), has up and left the Red Sox.

It's rare that a piece of sports news elicits an audible "Wow" from this overinundated sports fan, but when I saw this news fly across the crawl early this evening that's exactly what I said. To me, this is just fascinating. A rising young executive with his dream job for his hometown team walks away just one season removed from a World Series title, for no apparent reason.

If I was Theo's mom or girlfriend or dad or friend, or even if I was just me -- I'd smack him in the face and tell him to snap out of it. I can't even fathom doing what he just did.

And it makes me think -- some part of this story isn't being told.
-Was anyone watching Monday night when the Steelers lined up to punt and the team's rookie snapper hiked the ball directly into a dude's leg at the line of scrimmage? That guy whose leg got hit -- Brown University's own Sean Morey. Quite a good receiver back in his Ivy League heyday. I once played pickup basketball against him. True story.

-NBA season starts tomorrow night, and thus far I've resisted temptation to purchase League Pass. I've had it the past two years, and I know full well that it is basically addictive to the point of being extremely disruptive of everyday life. But once that free preview starts, it will be tough to resist. Must...be...strong.


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