October 25, 2005

Michael Vick -- Call on Line Two

I meant to mention it in my post Monday night, but the legend of Michael Vick definitely gained another chapter during last night’s broadcast of Monday Night Football. At one point during the game, ABC aired a short segment in which Vick let us, the fans, have a little glimpse into his personal life, sharing some details so we could get to know Mike Vick the person a little better. One such thing we learned was that if Vick could be any actor, he’d be Jamie Foxx. All of the things Vick said were fairly innocuous, until the last one. With no forewarning, a grinning Vick uttered (this isn’t an exact quote, but very close): “The secret to dating multiple women at the same time – more than one cell phone.” At which point, a smiling Vick held up a pair of flip phones, one at each ear.

Wow. Not to say I’m stunned that Michael Vick – in many ways the crown prince of the city of ATL has relations(hips) with multiple women, but the admission of it on national television is pretty bold. This wasn't an event of Ron Mexico magnitude, but it was somewhat stunning nonetheless.

Perhaps the best thing about this episode was that, the moment after Vick whipped out his cell phones, the segment was over, and suddenly Al Michaels and John Madden were back on the air live, left to figure out how to respond. All Michaels could muster was to say, half-jokingly, how risky it is to date multiple women and that at least a couple women out there now know Vick’s secret.

My guess is that Vick probably considered the implications of this little stunt, but just as he does on the football field every week, Number 7 saw danger in his face, paused for the briefest of moments, and promptly took off running with it.
-Not sure if you heard about this, but Craig Biggio’s wife Patty got slapped by a White Sox fan during Game 2 of the World Series in Chicago on Sunday. Now I have a pretty liberal ( some might even say, sick) sense of humor, but this is just not funny at all. Actually, I take that
back – yes it is.

-Non-sports item of the day, courtesy of loyal reader Frank G. Yak: In Sydney recently, police gave a 71-year-old man a parking ticket while he was sitting dead in his car. Those wacky Aussie cops!

-Breaking (and frankly quite exciting) news from the NFL: The man they call Taco is back.

-I don’t know about you, but I always thought of Celtics’ big man Mark Blount as your average, middling NBA player who holds down a roster spot but otherwise gives the 15 NBA fans left on the planet (myself included) no legitimate reason to take any interest in him. Boy, how wrong I was.


Blogger jimmyrad said...

Houston, we have a problem.

Houston, we have a sweep.

Houston, we have a blum.

Houston, we have an extremely ugly pitcher named Ezekial.

Houston, we have a world series loss.

5:05 PM, October 26, 2005  

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