October 16, 2005

As Hoops Draw Near

Back in August, I started making a list of things I was looking forward to about the 2005-06 NBA season. And yes, I am fully aware that such activity is a fairly clear indicator of psychological, developmental and emotional problems. Not surprisingly since the season was so far away, that list was long ago forgotten and left unfinished. But I recently stumbled back upon it and have decided that it is high time -- lucky you -- to share just a few items from said list. Because what better time is there to talk NBA hoops than a day with a full slate of NFL games and two baseball playoff games? Here are a few of the many things that have the OCC waiting anxiously for November 1st:

1) Nate Robinson: This guy's going to electrify the Garden. I've been
talking him up since July, and I have no intention of shutting up now. I just hope he's able to earn minutes from notorious rookie-hater Larry Brown.

2) The Stro Show: Sure he's gotten some chances to play in Memphis, but the fact is, the force that is Stromile Swift has yet to be unleashed on the League. Assuming Stro can minimize the coach-infuriating blunders that limited his playing time as a Grizzly, he's going to be incredible to watch in Houston. (Note that I didn't say he was going to be fun to watch because Jeff Van Gundy's teams are never fun to watch. As a side note, have I ever mentioned that I really was hoping to see Stromile Swift in a Hawks uni?)

3) Joe Johnson: Will he prove he was worth all the money, the draft picks and the embarassing exposition of the Hawks' dischordant ownership situation? The answer here is yes. (But then again, I'm not the one cutting the check.)

4) Return of Ron Ron: Say what you want about Ron Artest (I probably won't listen anyways), but he's one of the 10 best players in the league and is still getting better. And bigger -- he's up to 260. And he's still clearly insane. If you don't enjoy watching this dude play, you ought take a step back and reconsider what you're looking for. Whatever his motivation may be -- determination to win or switching to a new medication -- no one plays the game with more intensity.

5) Larry Brown and Isaiah's Knicks: So much offensive talent, an absurdly overblown payroll, an impatient coach and no chance all of the players can possibly work with one another. This will be good theater.

Okay, I don't want to overdo it just yet, as there will be plenty of time to overdo it once the season gets closer. And if I hadn't capped that list at the precise moment I did, I very well might have gotten carried away and had it at 100 items in no time. More to come soon.

-An unnecessary reminder that life is fragile: Hawks' backup center Jason Collier
died suddenly on Saturday at 28, possibly of a heart attack. And by all accounts he was totally healthy. Damn.

-A reminder that some things are still the same: The Craptors
lost to Israeli powerhouse Maccabi Tel Aviv Sunday. And yes, the Raptors were playing their starters.

-The 10,000th glaring sign that I have a fantasy sports "problem": I'm
playing fantasy hockey again, and loving it.


Blogger jimmyrad said...

occ, i'm right with you. I joined a hockey league, as well. I'm somewhere between mildly embarassed and really excited. This guy Brian McCabe I've got is really good though.

11:59 PM, October 16, 2005  

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