February 14, 2007

The Bell Tolls for Thee, Cherub

Not sure if you've heard the news by now or not – and if not, we hate to be the bearers of bad tidings – but word has come down from the top (and we do mean the top) that Valentine's Day '07 has been cancelled due to inclement weather in the Northeast. (Check the weather forecast if you don't believe us.)

This information will of course come as a great relief to those of you who had not yet made brilliant plans for your significant other and were scrambling to try to save face at the last minute after your suggestion of a trip to Hardee's was not well-received.

And if for some reason you have any trouble convincing your significant other that Valentine's Day has indeed been cancelled, you can refer that individual back to this post for proof.

(By the way, we definitely wouldn't lie about something like this.)


Now a few quick and random thoughts from the world of sport:

While reading this Orlando Sentinel blog entry about Darko Milicic's impending free agency this offseason, we were struck with the thought that perhaps the Magic have been limiting Darko's minutes in an effort to keep his value in check so that they have the inside track on re-signing him.

It's an idea that simultaneously sounds crazy yet not that crazy at all. You expose Darko to some key situations and substantial playing time this year, but don't fully let your Milicic out of the bag for fear that others might realize he's a potential game-changing big man who's still only 21.

In all likelihood, it's been inconsistent play and foul trouble that have limited Darko's minutes and kept him out of the starting lineup until recently (when an injury to
Tony Battie opened up a spot for him) as opposed to the Magic legitimately hiding him.

But given that the Magic clearly aren't going far in the playoffs this year
and given that Darko has said he wants to stay in Orlando they might be wise to keep him underneath the proverbial tarp, because with many more 16-point, 12-rebound, 4-block games like the one Darko unloaded on New Jersey Saturday, the suitors will soon be coming a-callin' (not in that way).


Also on the topic of young emerging players, we have indeed noticed that Celtics' PG
Rajon Rondo has been playing well of late, but it seems like Kia's choice to name a car after him ("The Rondo") is going a little bit overboard.

And while we'd like to endorse the auto company's clever choice of billing The Rondo as "the crossover utility vehicle"
a clear allusion to Rajon's wicked crossover dribble it's a little too cutesy for our liking.

Frankly, we'd much rather see them put out a car called "The Delonte." With a name like that, you get the feeling that a vehicle could really go places.


Blogger James said...

Whenever I see "bell tolling" comment, all I can think of is Kramer in Seinfeld. Hemingway might not be thrilled about that.

Darko a Hawko? Whynatte!

12:30 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger JBS said...

Do you hear the bell Grospar? It tolls for thee.

7:44 PM, February 26, 2007  

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