January 22, 2007

Your Fault

If you count yourself among those people who found it to be a great relief that time when Matt Lawton fessed up to his positive steroids test by essentially saying, “Yeah I screwed up and it won’t happen again” (as opposed to blaming a tainted supplement for his positive test or alleging that his cat peed in his milkshake), then you might appreciate Celtics’ PG Sebastian Telfair’s response to his recent demotion to third-string point guard:

“Oh, I’m overly pissed,” Telfair told the Boston Globe. “I’m pissed at myself. I can’t be pissed at nobody else. Me being on the bench now, I can’t possibly see it having to do with anybody besides myself.”

First off, let it be known that Telfair is lying – at least partially. Of course he can be (and probably is) pissed at somebody else. And that somebody is his coach, Doc Rivers – the man responsible for demoting him. Telfair’s gotta be angry at Doc. That’s just natural instinct.

But the fact that he’s outwardly focusing that anger on himself instead of blaming his coach or anyone else feels at this precise moment more refreshing than a frolic through a mountain stream or a swill of orange mango smoothie in the midst of a brutal Saturday morning hangover (not that we’d know anything about that…)

And the funny thing – as was the case with Lawton – by fessing up and putting the blame on himself, somehow Telfair becomes more likable, even though he’s only in this situation because he screwed up in the first place.

Which proves once and for all, in case we didn’t already know, that accountability on Planet Sport is clearly on the verge of going extinct.


On an unrelated note, has Reche Caldwell ever blinked? Watching him on TV Sunday was enough to make The OCC want to hop on board an autogiro to Indianapolis and personally administer eye drops on the man. Makes the eyes sting just thinking about it his wide-eyed stare.


Lastly, let it be known that the reported Mike Bibby-Ron Artest feud (which may or may not have been a feud in the first place) recently came to an end with an odd display of camaraderie when Bibby shaved Artest’s hair into a Mohawk.

Interesting that in this particular instance the white flag between Bibby and Artest was raised through the use of the haircut that’s quite often associated with marching into battle.

And probably the more compelling question to raise here (beyond whether or not Bibby and Artest really ever were feuding or really ever did dislike one another and finally reconcile) is why did it take Ron Artest so long to get on board with the Mohawk fad in the first place?


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