February 13, 2008

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Imagine walking into your gym for a routine workout and seeing a 2-foot-9, 20-pound man clad in some sort of diaper-like garment and pumping iron (or, as is the case in the photo above, being creepily held like a trophy in the palm of a fellow bodybuilder).

The man in this photo is nicknamed Romeo. The skeptics among us will no doubt say he was created by Photoshop. Call me a fool if you will, but I'm going to overlook the implausibility of a 2-foot-9, 20-pound man existing and say that this little Romeo is real. He has no doubt suffered through enough trouble in his life without needing yet another person accusing him of being a digitized image.

So instead of questioning whether or not this man is a real person, let us laugh at how silly he looks. (Only for a second, then we'll stop). And after we do that, let us welcome him into our home, as we would do for a brother, a very dear friend, or a small novelty item.


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