August 31, 2006

You Punch Like a Kennedy

Sincerest apologies for the lack of posts lately. Rest assured that next week things will return to normal as The OCC returns to home base after a three-week vacation/exile.

A few things to ponder as the week nears its end:

1) How many times have you counted them out and rejoiced that their run was finally finished in '06? Yet somehow, those enigmatic, pesky Atlanta Braves are only four games out of the wild card race as we speak. Sorry, but it's not over yet.

2) A little late in discussing this, but Allen Iverson's mom is now the proud owner of an ABA team. Given her propensity for wearing XXXXXL Iverson jerseys in the stands at Sixers games, this cannot possibly be a bad thing, regardless of whether or not she knows a thing about owning a professional sports franchise.

3) Joe Torre on Angels' rookie Howie Kendrick: "He's a very good-looking young man." We think Joe meant this in the sense that Howie is an impressive young baseball player, but there's no telling for certain. Howie Kendrick fever is sweeping the nation, and it can't be ruled out that the Yankees' skipper has developed full-blown man lust for the Angels' infielder.

4) Speaking of the Halos, if you would, please recall that fight from a couple of weeks ago (if it could be called a fight) in which Rangers' reliever Scott Feldman plunked Adam Kennedy, only to have the second baseman charge the mound and unleash a series of floppy-wristed slaps that was closer to Elaine Benes dancing than Jean Claude Van Damme brawling. If you don't remember the fight, refresh your memory here.

And now, consider this semi-shocking stat: Kennedy has only been hit by a pitch four times all year. Wouldn't you think, based on that performance, that he'd be among the league leaders in the category? Wouldn't pitchers not only designate him as the go-to man to bean on the Angels, but also just occasionally buzz one up under his chin in the hopes that he might charge the mound and provide a moment or two of hilarity?

Maybe people have just been slow to figure it out. In his fourth game back from the suspension he got from his fight with Feldman (food for thought: was he suspended because he fought or because he fought so poorly?), Kennedy got drilled by Yankees' reliever Brian Bruney.

5) New nominee for the Great Names Hall of Fame: The Cowboys have a rooke wideout by the name of Jamaica Rector. Sorry Taco Wallace, you've got nothing on Jamaica Rector. Sounds like it could be the name of a rare but severe form of indigestion one might get from ingesting too much tropical fruit.


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I was going to say something about the Braves, but instead just wanted to say that the little word verification thing at the bottom of the page was completely and utterly unreadible.

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