August 28, 2006

Kramer vs. Kramer (vs. Weaver)

A couple months ago, passing reference was made on this site to the physical resemblance between Angels' rookie pitcher Jered Weaver and noted cinematic hurler Mitch Kramer from Dazed and Confused.

The comparison at that time was made primarily with their hair in mind -- the long straight locks billowing out to near shoulder length from beneath the baseball cap.

But in the weeks since, it has become clear that this comparison goes far deeper than just hair. And it's gotten to the point where it can no longer be ignored. Consider:

Both Jered Weaver and Mitch Kramer pitch on the same day. On Thursday, August 24, 2006, Jered Weaver took the mound for the Angels against the Red Sox. The very same night, The OCC happened to pop in the Dazed and Confused DVD only to find Kramer taking the hill against Vanpatton Plumbing. Coincidence? Okay, probably so. But that's not all...

They had eerily similar debuts. On May 28, 1976 (The Last Day of School), Mitch Kramer went 7 innings in a 6-1 victory. (Okay, technically this was not his "debut," but it was his debut in the sense that we had never seen him before.) Then, on May 27, 2006, almost precisely 30 years to the day later, Jered Weaver took the hill against Baltimore, going 7 innings in a 10-1 victory.

(7 innings each, on May 27th and May 28th -- one day apart? Admit it, you're intrigued.)

Both have overbearing siblings who initially cause them trouble but ultimately become the less important member of the family. Vieweres of Dazed and Confused will remember that Mitch's sister Jodi sets everything in motion for him by telling the seniors to take it easy on him. They of course respond by bludgeoning his arse into submission, and then they take him out on the town. Soon afterwards the greatest night of his life ensues, as he becomes popular with the seniors and takes home an older woman, while his older sister is almost an afterthought.

In Weaver's case, after a scintillating 4-0 start to his Major League career, he was sent down to AAA because his brother Jeff was still occupying a spot in the Angels' rotation. However, Jeff was eventually shipped to St. Louis, Jered was called back up, and he is now, with a 9-1 record and 1.92 ERA (to Jeff's 5-13 record and 6.11 ERA) undoubtedly Weaver Brother #1.

They both have a good rapport with their catcher. Before the final out of his game against Vanpatton Plumbing, Mitch's catcher (and good friend) Tommy comes out to the mound and tells him not to worry about the seniors waiting to beat his ass and that he should just focus on getting the final out. Mitch obliges, and Tommy is pleased. (Though it should be noted that the moment the game ends and it's clear Mitch is going to get spanked, Tommy promptly sprints off instead of helping his friend.)

Weaver and catcher Mike Napoli have good chemistry going back to last year when both were in Double-A. And thus far in the Majors, the two have been an inseparable tandem -- Napoli has caught 12 of Weaver's 13 big league starts. Keep in mind that there is no proof as of yet whether or not Napoli would completely leave Weaver in a lurch in the event of a fight.

(As a side note, it would be funny to attend an Angels game dressed up like Benny, O'Bannion & Co. and spend the entire game heckling Weaver with lines from that scene at the ballpark while menacingly holding wooden paddles. Even though most people wouldn't really get the joke, and you'd most likely be escorted out by security.)

And as for the jersey numbers? Wish this worked out better, but as it just so happens, Mitch Kramer wears #50 for McKnight Auto, and Weaver wears #56 for the Halos. Though when he was in the minors and at Long Beach State, Weaver wore #36, which is actually his go-to number. Is that close enough?

Hey, no one ever claimed that this comparison was perfect. And besides, if the jersey numbers were the same (or incredibly close), some of you might start to get freaked out given the incredible evidence already put forth.

A couple random thoughts to ponder as you attempt to digest the mind-blowing breakdown that just took place:
  • Says here that you have not officially had a successful fantasy football draft unless one of your friends accidentally cuts himself and proceeds to smear the blood all over his face, calling it "War paint." (Note: similar but slightly different acts of savagery will also be deemed acceptable in the absence of an accidental laceration.)
  • Gotta take a moment to pimp, a new website founded by some associates of The OCC that is dedicated to educating the world about the drink known as the "Whynatte." Curious to learn more? You'll have to take a look. (And for the record, any resemblance between any persons depicted in pictures and/or videos on that website and The Off-Color Commentator himself is pure coincidence.)


Blogger kuniansky said...

Yo! Thanks for mentioning on the OCC. What goes better with a good sporting match than a whynatte? From what I've heard, it's becoming the new Gatorade, but you didn't hear that from me.

Anyway, is giving away a live aardvark, so check out the site.

3:54 PM, August 29, 2006  
Blogger elijah the prophet said...

jodi kramer an aferthought? lots not forget the moment at the final party in the woods when she successfully seduces a little make out session with randall 'pink' floyd despite his relationship with simone kerr (Joey Lauren Adams).

young pink floyd is played by jason london, not to be confused with his twin jeremy london who brilliantly played T.S. in mallrats. T.S. who in the movie was dating the claire forlani character, had previosly dated gwen turner. and guess who played young gwen turner, of course the very same joey lauren adams.

so you see it all works.

7:52 PM, August 29, 2006  

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