April 28, 2008

Are We World Serious?

Seventeen years ago, during the Braves' unlikely run to the World Series, a friend of mine was riding the MARTA train home from one of the games when a young boy, who was...shall we say... a bit mentally challenged got a bit caught up in the moment amongst the rowdy fans on the train, and -- attempting to add his own celebratory comment to the slew of cheers -- cried out, "ARE WE WORLD SERIOUS?!?!?" (Please picture that line delivered in the voice of a boy who is...shall we say...a bit mentally challenged.)

Since that time, "Are we world serious" has become something of a rallying cry amongst my inner circle of Atlanta sports fans.

I bring it up now because as I write the Hawks have a three-point lead over the Celtics at the half and are making an insane bid to tie this series up. (This coming just a couple days after I suggested that Mike Woodson should -- in a perhaps unprecedented move -- be fired in the middle of the series, a stance I have cooled on momentarily now that the Hawks are playing with a fire under their ass.)

If the Birds can somehow tie this thing up, Game 6 is on Friday night in Atlanta, and The OCC will most likely be in attendance, assuming I/he can acquire a ticket to a Phillips Arena (a.k.a "The Highlight Factory") that is suddenly an absolute madhouse.

Are we world serious? Probably not. But this sure as hell is fun.


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