January 08, 2008

Andrea Was Here

As an individual who recently received an email link from a friend that unexpectedly led me to a video clip of two people killing a bear and then subsequently having sex upon the carcass of that dead bear, I will warn you not to click on this video clip at work. There is no sex with bear in this video, but there is an overabundance of explicit language.

Now that we have that out of the way, I bring this clip to your attention because it called to mind some recent comments from Raptors head coach Sam Mitchell that made me think he might be a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

On the subject of enigmatic 7-footer Andrea Bargnani and what he (Mitchell) has to do to get Bargnani to consistently rebound, Mitchell said, "Stay on his ass."

He followed that up by saying
"We're going to keep our foot in his rear end until he understands he has to continue to rebound."

And finally, he added: "Go get the ball. You can say all you want but it's go get it. Put your ass on some other guy and go get the ball."

The young Raptor would be wise to listen to his coach -- and to a greater extent, listen to the words of Leon -- in this situation.

Get in that ass, Andrea.


Anonymous Aimee Berg said...

I'm the president of hittin' that ass!

4:46 AM, January 15, 2008  

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