November 06, 2007

I Love What You've Done with Your Hair

I'm not sure when or why exactly the idea first began to germinate. Maybe it's that I had just watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that talked about discrimination against bald people. Maybe it's that I realized I may not always have a full head of hair, in large part because a big round number of a birthday is approaching in just five months (I still haven't decided what I'm doing for the big 6-5 but will let you know as plans develop).

Whatever the cause, the fact is that I've decided that if I'm ever going to grow a rather shaggy mop of hair atop my head, now is the time. And needing an incentive to ensure that in a moment of weakness I don't look in the mirror and immediately start sawing away at my hair with a pair of clippers, I have decided to make an official pledge in conjunction with the up and coming Atlanta Hawks.

That pledge is this: The OCC shall not cut his hair until the 2007-08 Hawks have recorded their 15th win.

If that sounds a little bit lightweight, keep in mind two things: 1) I have to look reasonably presentable at least several days a week, so there needs to be a reasonable cap on this thing so that I'm not wandering into the office looking like Gandalf; 2) though the Hawks have looked strong in their first two games (a 1-1 record against Dallas and Detroit), it could easily take them two months to get 15 wins.

One of the Hawks' primary slogans for 2007-08 is "Changing Perceptions." I have a feeling that by the time this thing is over, your perception of The OCC will have changed forever. Primarily because you won't recognize me.

Reminder to self: Do not start wearing overalls and wielding a hatchet just because you look like a woodsman.

See you at win #15.


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