May 26, 2008

Signs of Life

One... two... three...


Wait a second -- I'm getting signs of a pulse here...

Please forgive the lack of posts lately. More to come soon. In the meantime, I'll tell you four things you may not have known about Denver, where I just spent the past four days:

1) The mile high air effect you so often hear about as pertains to sporting events is not a joke. I played basketball with other attendees of a wedding and you could feel the burn in your lungs almost instantaneously. I also hit a wiffleball approximately 700 feet.

2) Coors Field -- despite currently having next to no atmosphere on account of the Rockies being rotten -- is a pretty cool place to see a baseball game (tough to top a view of the Rocky Mountains from your seats);

3) Omar Minaya, in addition to having a slight managerial crisis on his hands, also is in possession of an orange suitcase (spotted him outside Coors Field on Friday night);

4) Jose Reyes, in addition to being in the midst of a somewhat disappointing season, also has at least one flamboyantly ugly white printed t-shirt (spotted him and Luis Castillo aimlessly wandering the streets of Denver on Saturday night).


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