July 24, 2008

Where Perplexing Happens

Taking a break from my unintentional blogging exile (forgive me readers, it has been rather busy around these parts) to wonder why on God's green earth a first-place team would sign a 50-year-old woman, as the Detroit Shock have just done with Nancy Lieberman.

More importantly, though, why the hell am I writing about it?

Perhaps it's partially because of Shock coach Bill Laimbeer's quote:
"Can she still compete at this level? I don't know. But I'm going to throw her in the fire." Something about a 51-year-old man saying that about a 50-year-old woman conjures the image of him quite literally picking her up and flinging her headlong onto the hardwood floor, at which point she breaks a hip.

Okay, I think I'm done. We can all go back to throwing darts at Hawks GM Rick Sund's face.


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