December 05, 2006

Forecast Calls for Sun-Woo

The headline on the front page of one edition of the NY Daily News today read:

“Born On a Bridge: Cops Bring Tiny Sun Woo Kim into the World.”

Upon reading this, I immediately did a double-take, half expecting to see a close-up picture of Major League pitcher Sun-Woo Kim swaddled in baby clothes with a full-size man head attached to an infant’s body.

Turns out that the Sun Woo Kim on the front page of the Daily News was not in fact the journeyman hurler from South Korea but instead is a baby who was born Monday on the Triboro Bridge, with some bridge and tunnel cops assisting on the delivery. The baby, who is apparently being celebrated because we don’t have much else to be excited about today, has been nicknamed “Triboro.”

In the wake of this news, I couldn’t help but wonder if the original Sun-Woo Kim might be just a tad bit jealous because:

a) He’s probably never appeared on the front page of the Daily News and may never do anything dramatic enough in his baseball career to match the celebrity status achieved by his namesake on day one of his life;

b) “Triboro” is a much cooler nickname than “Sunny,” which is the Major League Sun-Woo’s most commonly used nickname.

Can’t you just see Sun-Woo Kim’s PR team scrambling around right now at the MLB Winter Meetings desperately trying to engineer some kind of wild 7-team trade headlined by Sun-Woo Kim so as to defuse the disastrous consequences of this unfortunately named child’s overwhelmingly heartwarming birth?

Yeah, I agree – that’s pretty hard to picture. Sun-Woo Kim probably doesn’t even have a PR team. Which would help explain why a one-day old was so easily able to dethrone him as the world’s most prominent Sun-Woo Kim.

If anyone cares to join me, I’m definitely planning on attending a Mets game next season whenever Sun-Woo’s team comes to town and will be sitting extremely close to the field, spending the entire game heckling him with derisive yells of “TRI-bur-ro”…“TRI-bur-ro.”

And absolutely no one will have any clue what I’m talking about.


Blogger jimmyrad said...

I'm not sure I even know what you're talking about.

9:22 AM, December 06, 2006  

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