January 14, 2009

The Nick Young Spin Cycle

I've watched this Nick Young clip (highlight #3 out of the Top 5) about 11 times and I still have no idea what exactly he did, but I love it. Apparently Gilbert Arenas claims Young clearly just lost the ball and recovered, while Young says he knew what he was doing all along. I think I'm going to have to try this move in my rec league hoops game tonight. Side note: It will not work. Another side note: I wish JaVale McGee was on my rec league hoops team.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

def agree with gilbert, but how smooth was the recovery? smooth as silkkkkkkkkkk

2:39 PM, January 15, 2009  
Blogger Morning Star said...

that was a great movie...
end of story

3:28 AM, January 20, 2009  

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